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They are inconspicuous and yet they should not be missing in any household. Vases are basically simple objects, yet they can mean a lot to us either as heirlooms or as permanent focal points in our living space. They are available in all variants despite beeing constructed in a similar way. 

In this short cinematic you can experience how simple cylindrical ceramic vases, magically transform into beautiful colorful shaped ones.

The vase objects were generated fully procedural with
blenders geometry node system. This allows for their continous appearance change over time. A big focus point was on good mesh quality despite the procedural aspects of the vases. The material itself aims for a photoreal ceramic look. A clearcoat shader in combination with a detailed bumpmap and the right amount of SSS were base points to achieve this. The lighting underlines the shift from a sterile slightly cold atmosphere to a warm colorful appearance of all kind of variations.

For rendering itself, Blenders raytrace-renderengine Cycles was used (total rendertime of approx. 50h). 
Further AI superscale and frameinterpolation algorithms were used to come from a 2K render resolution at 30 FPS to the final 4K 60 FPS format.

Blender - Davinci Resolve 17

Assets used:
Vase Generator  (inhouse)


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