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"Geometry is not true, it is advantageous."
Poincare, J. H. (n.d.)

The hexagonal honeycomb structure proves ot be the most efficient way to store recources within an array of cells.
It took humanity thousand of years to finally come up with mathematical proof of this statement in 1999 (The Honeycomb Conjecture). Up to this day experts are not sure if its due to the genius architectural skills of bees, natural selection, or physical conditions that lead to a naturally formation this geometric pattern.

After all, one thing remains clear though: The honeycomb is one of the most remarkable tricks of nature, often copied by humanity but never reached in its perfection.

The honeycomb and larva mesh as well as their materials were build up completely procedurally. High focus was layed on the geometrical and mathematical correctness of the honeycomb as hero object.

Cinematographically the goal was to convey a warm feeling of home and to create awareness to the protective importance of the honeycomb to their inhabitants.

The biggest technical challanges turned out to be the geometric build up of the contact area of the two oposing comb arrays. Also the heavily on subsurface scattering relying material, combined with extremely thin mesh walls led to some inevitable rendering trade offs.

Blender - Davinci Resolve 17

Assets used:
Honeycomb Generator (inhouse)


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